Usk Corduroy Smock Anorak

If you're reading this then you're obviously interested in the Usk corduroy smock anorak and as with all my releases I like to do a detailed post about the design, the fit and everything else you'll need to know before placing your order.

I wanted to do something for the transition of seasons that was a little more versatile than the kind of outwear piece I would usually do. The Usk smock anorak is designed to be worn as a jacket rather than an over-shirt, however it can be used for layering if the weather dictates.

It's constructed from beautiful 320gsm 8-wale corduroy which is a substantial weight without being too heavy, therefore it's a midweight garment which I feel is perfect for Autumn.

I've drawn off some of my favourite sartorial influences for this with the main talking point in the pre release photos being the collar. For this style of design a small collar wouldn't have looked right. I wanted something bigger with a rounded edge and I think it marries well with the rest of the details.

I've incorporated five pocket into the design with all pockets being gusset pockets (3D pockets) So there’s ample room for all your daily necessities. The jacket is finished with an adjustable hem so that the wearer can adjust the fit to a personal preference.

Fit wise this is cut slightly generously but nothing too drastic. You can see the general silhouette of the jacket below and can get a decent idea of the fit from the following photographs of it being worn - the worn size is an XL.

To give a varied degree of choice I've decided to release this in three colours. Burnt Orange (as seen above) Sage green and Chambray blue. The weight, finish and fabric are all the same 8 wale corduroy - therefore these will all be priced the same with no deviation in costs like there was the the Isca windshirts.
As with all my releases, these will
be manufactured here in the UK in the same London based small run factory that I’ve used since starting Creu. Quality is paramount to me and it’s what I strive Creu to be known for, therefore it’s paramount.
The clothes I produce are an expression of myself and a lot of work goes into bringing one of these projects to fruition. I always endeavour to do things the right way and have zero interest in making a quick buck. I want Creu to be worn and loved for years to come by my customers, which has always been my motivation and mission from the start.
These will be priced at £245 each which includes shipping costs within the UK (International shipping is available but extra costs will be applied as appropriate and will be advised upon order)
As with all my outwear releases I’ll be offering a deposit split payment where £125 deposit will be payable upon order and the balance of £120 being paid upon completion. If you’d like to purchase multiple colours then a discount will be applied to your order.
I will generally keep an order open for around 2 weeks, however if you'd like to order one and don't have the deposit right away then please contact me and I'll accommodate in the best way I can.
Once you've placed your order I will keep you up to date with all progress with regards manufacturing and provide an estimated completion date - this is subject to change as sometimes there can be unforeseen delays, however I will always keep you up to date with anything like this.
Sizing / Fit guide
If you have never ordered from me before then it's important to know that everything is made to order and therefore it is imperative to read the following detailed sizing chart to best select your size. As a small independent I can ill afford multiple returns due to sizing issues and therefore I ask that you study the measurements carefully to decide which is best for you.

As a guide, if you purchased an Isca windshirt then the size you ordered in that would be a good fit for you in this but please double check the sizing to make sure. 

All measurements in CM

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and thank you as always for showing an interest in Creu. Your continued support for the label and loyal custom is immeasurably appreciated.
If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to drop me a line across one of my social media platforms.
Many thanks as always,